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All uniforms should be purchased at Zoghby's Uniforms here in Mobile, AL.
Just go into their store and tell them you need uniforms for Grace Baptist Academy. They have been serving our Academy for 23 years!

Click below to view student uniforms. 

Things to note

For shoes, polos, outerwear, and guy's pants, you may opt to purchase them elsewhere,

as long as they are the correct color and they are all uniform style uniforms.

If not you will be required to get them from Zoghby's.


We do have one other monogrammer here in Mobile who is authorized to monogram our logo. 

Her name is Mrs. LeAnn and she owns "Laci Mays Monogramming" in West Mobile. 

Her cell number is 251-680-3588. Please contact her directly for details.

(She can monogram uniform polos, outerwear and accessories.)

*Please note, Mrs. LeAnn cannot monogram oxfords; they must be purchased at Zoghby's.*

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